Fantasies of a Virgin

shower sex

the water felt hot against my skin. the steam was so thick in the shower i could barely see anything. As i was washing my breasts a hand suddenly covered my mouth. i panicked, no one was home but me and i was sure i locked the door. his body came up close to mine and i instantly knew he had no clothes on. i heard the click of handcuffs being opened and i felt the cold, hard metal being tightened on my wrist. i tried to struggle but i lost my footing. he caught me and quickly handcuffed my hands to the shower bar. my back was to him and he put his hand on my pussy. i tried to move away from him but he kept his hand on my clit. he moved his hand away and hit my ass, hard. he kept doing it and i already knew it was getting red. he stopped that and then i felt something cold being poured on my ass and seeping into my pussy. it was the astrogel i used earlier in the week to pleasure myself. he placed one hand on the small of my back and with the other hand guiding his dick into my pussy. i moaned softly. even though there was a stranger in my shower, it turned me on and i was willing to see if he was good or not. the second stroke was deeper and i moaned louder. he started to grope my breast and fuck me faster. i lifted my leg and he held it up as he continued to enter me. his dick went in me so deep and fast that he hit my G-spot and i squirted all over the shower. after he was finshed with me he took the keys from the handcuffs and unlocked them. who knew role-playing could be this good.